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Don't get knocked offline during a power outage and lose your work when your computer reboots. An uninterruptible power supply is your best insurance to protect your computer from not only power loss, but from voltage spikes. Protect your computer from hackers and spammers with a router.

APC BK500 UPS/Surge Protector

APC BP500UC Back-UPS Pro 500

APC SU620NET Smart-UPS 620 Network

Link your home computers into a network with the LinkSys Cable/DSL router. The easiest way to link 2 to 253 computers to one cable or DSL modem.

All you need to do is plug your cable/DSL modem into this device and plug each computer's network card into a port on the device. You simply configure it from your web browser using simple step by step instructions from LinkSys icon Compare Prices at

iconicon Also available, the wireless version for networking.

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Cable Modem / DSL customers:
Get the Asante FR3004LC FriendlyNET Cable/DSL Router
 router with built in connections for a printer and backup dialup modem connection for your COM port.

Asante FR3004LC FriendlyNET Cable/DSL RouterThe Asanté FriendlyNET Cable/DSL Router shares your high-speed modem with up to 253 users. Security features include a packet filtering firewall with NAT, complete access control for up to three groups (based on TCP and UDP ports) and physical security hooks and mounting holes. Built-in 4-port 10/100 switch moves local traffic up to 200 Mbps. Models FR3004C and FR3004LC add a redundant modem port so you can upgrade from a v.90 56K analog modem and still keep it as a back-up modem (when your broadband connection is not available). Model FR3004LC adds an integrated print server for sharing a printer with a parallel port.


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